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List Of 7 Cats With Small Ears But Big Hearts

List Of 7 Cats With Small Ears But Big Hearts

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Take a look at the following 7 cat breeds that are too cute to handle!

1. Scottish Fold 

scottish fold with small ears
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The Scottish Fold is the most popular cat with small ears and it is also recognizable for the fact that they’re not only small but also folded. 

Their ears are folded because of a genetic abnormality, which is a mutation that damages the cartilage all over their bodies to some extent. 

Their ears are not much smaller than those of other cat breeds, but their shape gives the impression that they are. The Scottish Fold is a cat that likes attention and cuddles. However, at the same time, they appreciate privacy and aren’t lap cats. 

They are somewhat active and extremely intelligent, so they like to play and prefer interactive toys. They thrive when there’s someone nearby, and they don’t like to spend too much time alone. 

Most importantly, these cats love people, including kids, which is ideal for family life. 

2. Highlander Cat

highlander cat with small ears
Photo from: @real_yeti_cat

The Highlander cat has, arguably, got the most unusual pair of ears. Similar to the Scottish Fold, they also have curled ears, except theirs curl inwards. Another unusual characteristic these cats have is polydactyly of the toes. 

They look much like a cross between a Jungle Curl and a Desert Lynx. They are athletic, active, affectionate, and great with people of all ages. Highlander cats require a lot of space to roam around and play. 

You must also provide them with lots of entertainment sources, to avoid them making trouble out of boredom. These cats are also a very healthy breed, known to live long and without any predispositions to specific health problems. 

3. British Shorthair

british shorthair cat with small ears
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The British Shorthair is a rather old breed of cat that is a popular household pet, with a large face and chunky-looking body. These cats are known to be laid-back and moderately energetic. 

These cats are not as active as most other cats, but they are very sweet by nature and affectionate toward their owners. British Shorthair cats don’t mind being left alone, but they’ll also enjoy their fair share of cuddle time with you. 

They will bond with their owners, but won’t be clingy. If you have kids or other pets, don’t worry, British Shorthairs get along well with anyone. They don’t require much grooming, but unfortunately, they’re predisposed to HCM. 

As stated in the study about The Prevalence of HCM in a Cohort of British Shorthair Cats, male cats seem to be more prone to it. 

4. Birman

long haired birman car with small ears
Photo from: @fischer.saalebirmchen

The Birman cat breed has quite a low voice, but that doesn’t stop these cats from being vocal. They’re also quite calm, loving cats who love to relax. However, they’re also very people-oriented and are known to follow their owners around the house. 

Birman cats are smart and playful felines who love to play and explore new toys. They’re also great with kids. These cats are prone to obesity, HCM, and kidney issues, but this doesn’t mean they always develop these issues.

Most of these cats live pretty healthy lives. They’re also predisposed to a hereditary issue that causes their kittens to be born without any hair, but this doesn’t affect their hair growth in the future. 

5. Persian Cat

persian cat with small ears licking its face
Photo from: @tonykhardashiapersian

Persian cats are well-known for their “squashed” facial features, plus, they have smaller-than-average ears. They have fluffy coats that give off a soft vibe and it makes them look even smaller and cuter. 

Persians are quite popular, can come in a variety of colors, and there are different hybrid cats that come from them. They are known as calm and laid-back, not very energetic, and as cats who like to nap more than play. 

Persian cats are suitable for people who want a calm cat as a pet. They’re sweet and gentle and are also known as cats who bond the most with one certain person of their own choosing. 

Some owners also describe them as cats who ignore everyone else but their favorite person. These cats will likely spend their days napping and observing their surroundings, rather than running around and causing trouble. 

6. American Curl

american curl cat with small ears
Photo from: @meevin_official

The ears of American Curl cats curl backward, due to a cartilage mutation, as is the case with Scottish Folds. American Curl kittens are born with erect, normal-sized ears, which curve back a few days after birth. 

In their case, the mutation happened naturally, but they were then selectively bred to produce this one-of-a-kind breed of cat. Their ears are therefore smaller in size and must be cared for because they are often harmed due to purposeful mutation. 

American Curl cats are friendly, playful, sweet cats that love people. They are great with kids but might need training in order to socialize with other pets. 

They are smart and like to play, so you need to provide them with entertainment and stimulation, but far less than is needed with most other cat breeds. 

American Curl cats are also well-known for their ability to open doors, so child safety locks might be necessary. These cute cats frequently greet their owners by the door, as dogs do. 

As far as health is concerned, they’re not prone to many diseases, except ear infections and wax buildup, due to having thinner ear canals. 

7. Exotic Shorthair

exotic shorthair with small ears
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Exotic Shorthair cats are similar to Persian cats in size and appearance. They are calm and friendly, but a little more energetic than Persians. Exotic Shorthairs are known for being playful, and curious, even though they spend most of their time napping. 

They are true lap cats who love to be petted, more than anything else. These cats don’t need too much space for playtime or to sniff around, which makes them ideal for owners with small apartments. 

Exotic Shorthair cats are extremely healthy, despite some minor health predispositions. 

Some can be prone to developing Brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome, which is common in cats with “squished” faces. It can result in decreased oxygen consumption, and inflammation, which can lead to more serious issues.

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