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Cat Goes On An Adventure And Bumps Into His Owner A Quarter Mile From Home

Cat Goes On An Adventure And Bumps Into His Owner A Quarter Mile From Home

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Most cats don’t like being left home alone, especially for extended periods. Louis, a Savannah cat, is one of those cats. Whenever his owner leaves, he heads off into the great outdoors.

On the other hand, his owner Daniel had no idea Louis was going on adventures until one day when they met each other.

photo of Daniel and his cat Louis

It all happened one morning when Daniel woke up and couldn’t find Louis. Assuming that Louis was outside and would return soon, Daniel went off to work.

While Daniel was driving to work, he spotted a familiar furry face a quarter mile from home, in the area where Louis liked to hang out. Of course, it was Louis! Still, he was surprised to see him there alone.

Louis the cat walking on the sidewalk

Daniel knew that taking Louis home would make him late for work, but he couldn’t leave him there either. He opened the car door, and his beloved cat’s reaction was absolutely hilarious!

Louis seemed completely surprised to see his owner. I mean, just look at his facial expression in the picture below. 

the cat looking surprised

He was overjoyed to see Daniel and immediately jumped into the car. Daniel had no choice but to take his adventurous cat back home.

After bringing Louis home, Daniel gave him breakfast and rushed off to work, so he wouldn’t be late.

Louis inside a white car

That day, Daniel couldn’t stop thinking about Louis and his crazy adventures. Therefore, he decided to share the pictures of their encounter on Twitter because he thought the cat’s reaction was hilarious.

close-up photo of Louis the cat

To his surprise, the tweet became a sensation overnight, with over 50k retweets. The comments poured in, and some were quite legendary.

Charlotte Haigh wrote:

“He has a slightly guilty demeanor, bit like me aged 14 when my mum caught me sneaking off to McDonald’s to look at boys.”

Jozie wrote: 

“This cat’s like: I can explain…what had happened was…”

J Rochester added: 

“Just because he has four legs doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his own thing going on.”

Louis the cat and his owner Daniel

However, the cat’s adventures didn’t end there. Daniel said he often receives messages from neighbors who have found Louis in their home. Daniel said:

“I once got a call from the local charity shop on the high street to say Louis was in the shop saying hello to all the customers… I had to go and collect him and bring him home.”

In addition to being adventurous, Louis is also very playful and energetic. He loves to play fetch and follow his human everywhere, and he’s also a great food lover. 

photo of Louis and Daniel lying on the couch

I hope to see more of Louis’s legendary adventures and that he returns home safely after each one!

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