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Man Shocked After Hearing Unusual Sounds Coming From The Engine Of An Excavator

Man Shocked After Hearing Unusual Sounds Coming From The Engine Of An Excavator

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One day, a beautiful ginger boy showed up on a windowsill, ready to leave his stray life behind. 

It all started when he became friends with a young girl outside her home in Brooklyn, New York. She started feeding the cat, giving him a reason to return each day.

But then, something surprising happened. One day, the cat returned with an injury. He hopped onto the windowsill and cried for help. He was tired of living as a stray and was ready to find a loving family.

Big orange cat

The young girl who had been feeding him, took him to Little Wanderers NYC to have him checked and treated if necessary. The medical staff from Little Wanderers NYC said:

“Little Wanderers does not turn a blind eye to friendly cats on the streets. Carlton (the orange cat) was sick and had a huge cut behind his ear that required sutures.”

Despite everything he had been through, Carlton remained a sweet, lovely, and affectionate kitty. The vets provided him with the necessary care and concluded he was at least five years old.

Cat spying trough window

Unfortunately, Carlton was also tested positive for FIV, which isn’t surprising for stray cats. Still, he didn’t let that stop him from living his best life.

Thanks to Carlton’s lively spirit and kind-hearted people, his story came all the way to Carianne, an experienced fosterer from Staten Island, New York, who offered to help. She said:

“All the rescuers right now are overflowing with cats and kittens due to kitten season and also the overblown population spilling over from last year.”

Orange cat eating from bowl

She took Carlton in. At first, he was a bit shocked, but that is completely normal for a cat in a new environment, especially a stray cat.

Fortunately, Carlton quickly adjusted to his new environment, thanks to his human friends who did their best to make him feel safe and comfortable. 

Guy petting orange cat

He was very overjoyed to have a warm place to stay, along with food, water, and attention. Carianne said:

“A lot of his hair was matted and the ear wound needed a cleaning around the sutures. He is missing many teeth but loved any food I gave him. It was easy to gain his trust because he really does love people. He is so mushy.”

Big cat with her owner

Carlton adapted well to being an indoor cat. He adores cuddles and enjoys the company of his humans. He’s a full-time cuddler. Carianne said:

“Immediately after I groomed him a bit, he was purring. Now, he really likes to just lay his whole body on my lap and I’m stuck.”

Orange cat laying on the floor

She also added:

“He’s like a big friendly mountain lion. He will headbutt you if you’re not petting him enough and will flop on his back for belly rubs. He’s completely the perfect cat. Whoever ends up adopting him is very very lucky.”

Thanks to the staff from Little Wanderers NYC and Carianne, Carlton has fully recovered and is ready to find his forever home.

Orange cat in front of camera

I hope he got adopted and that he’s living the life he deserves. As Carianne says, he is probably the friendliest, chillest cat ever. He’s an orange golden boy and an absolute treasure.

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