Cats are naturally attracted to the outside world. So if your cat is obsessed with the outdoors, there's a reason, actually, there are five!

1. Curiosity Killed The Cat They are so curious that this curiosity often gets them into danger, which is where this saying comes from. Your little friend likes to explore the unknown.

2. Protecting Their Territory Even if you have an indoor cat, they might also consider the outdoor world part of their territory, and they'll want to go out and mark it.

3. In Search Of Love Cats' mating instincts are so strong that they might even escape if they get even the slightest opportunity.

4. Natural Instinct Cats are predators and natural hunters. No matter how much you feed them, they will still have natural instincts that make them want to hunt for food.

5. Boredom A clear sign of boredom is if your cat is constantly lying beside the window and sadly looking outside watching what is going on, or rushing to the door any time you open it.

Now that you know the possible reasons why your cat is obsessed with going outside, check out what you can do about it…


Depending on the reason for your cat's ventures, you can... 1. Keep Your Cat Entertained 2. Spay Or Neuter Your Cat 3. Bring Outside Inside 4. Train Your Cat 5. Prevent Escape

We all want what is best for our furry friends, and I am sure that all of us would do anything to secure them a long, healthy, and happy life. Learn more on leash training your cat or make a catio.