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6 Cat Sitting Positions –Meaning  

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Sphinx Sitting Position

This is a happy and relaxed pose.

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The perfect cream bun position is when the tail wraps around the paws, surrounding the cat.

Cream Bun Pose

The Belly Up Position

Looking like the letter S, this is a playful position that relaxed cats take.

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This means that your cat trusts you and believes you will protect them.

Loaf Of Bread

Cat Sploot

Cats enjoy stretching their body, so it is not surprising that they will find a way to stretch and sit at the same time!

Human Cat

When your cat sits like a human, except for it being the most adorable thing, it is also their imitation of you.

Other Cat Poses

Click below to find an additional list of some other cat positions which can help you understand your cat and how they express their emotions.

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