A Black Cat With Blue Eyes: What You Need To Know

All kittens are born with blue eyes, however the kittens usually change eye color after they become six weeks old. The reason for that is because that’s when they can develop the melanin which determines their eye color.

What’s most interesting is that blue-eyed cats actually have clear eyes, but the reflection of light causes them to appear with a blue color.

There are some cat breeds with blue eyes which are not completely black but they can have a dark coat color such as black smoke color or pointed with dark coloration.

The Siamese cat breed is probably the most popular breed of cat in the world. These cats are famous for their beautiful blue eyes and their creamy body colors with dark pointed markings on their head, paws, and tail.

The Ojos Azules Cat breed is a newer cat breed that originated in New Mexico. This cat breed is characteristic for its amazing deep blue eyes, and it is believed that this trait is inherited from a female stray Tortoiseshell cat.

The Balinese cat is a breed of cat characteristic for its blue eyes. But, in this case, a black cat with blue eyes isn’t a possible combination as balinese cats don’t carry the black coat color gene.

Luckily, the Snowshoe cat inherited the Siamese cat’s gene that enables them to have blue eyes. Another thing they inherited from a Siamese cat breed is being very vocal!

Himalayan cats cannot appear in a solid black color, but they can have a dark gray colored coat along with blue eyes.

According to the breed standard, every Ragdoll cat must have blue eyes in order to be considered as a purebred.

The Javanese cat is another cat breed that can have a black coat and blue eyes. These cats have an athletic body and a triangular face shape.

However, there is only one cat breed that can come in a solid black color with blue eyes. This is the Ojos Azules cat breed and unfortunately it is very rare.