Kneading is when your cat stretches out its paws and makes movements as if it’s a little baker kneading dough to make bread. But, why do cats do that? Here are 5 adorable reasons!

#1 Your Cat Is Relaxed  If your cat snuggles in your lap and starts kneading, it means it’s happy and relaxed. This feline behavior is often accompanied by purring and napping and it’s adorable.

#2 Your Cat Is Marking Its Territory  When a cat kneads, it releases pheromones from the paw pad’s glands and leaves them on the soft surface.

#3 Your Cat Is Calming Itself  Kneading is also a comforting behavior for cats. So, kneading behavior helps cats feel calm and secure, especially when they’re anxious or stressed.

#4 Your Cat Is Stretching  “Why is your cat making biscuits?” can be a simple one – it just needs a good stretch! This might be their favorite stretching exercise, but not the only one.

#5 Your Female Cat Is Ready For Mating When the female cat is lying on her side, with her little paw pads up in the air, “making biscuits”, it means she’s ready for mating.

These are the most common, but also the sweetest reasons for your cat’s kneading behavior. If you wish to learn more about it, all you need to do is swipe up!