A lot of people have a hard time telling Bombay cats and other black cats apart. Bombay cats are always black, so many people mistakenly believe that every black cat is a Bombay.

The Bombay cat is a specific breed of cat that appears only in black. This cat breed was created by crossbreeding the black American Shorthair cat and the Burmese cat.

British breeders then created their own version of the Bombay cat by crossbreeding a sable Burmese cat and a British Shorthair cat. As a result, we now have a black panther-like feline.

So, the Bombay cat is a specific breed of cat. However, when it comes to other black cats, they may be basically any cat breed that can have a black coat.

How Are Bombay Cats Different From Other Black Cats? 

If you looked at a Bombay cat and an average domestic black cat side by side, you may initially be a bit confused!

The main differences are in appearance, personality, and health; identifying certain traits should help you decide if your black cat is a Bombay or not.

So, Bombay cats are purebred cats that have black-colored coats. All Bombay cats are black, however, all black cats aren’t Bombays!

Bombay cats are different from other black cats because of their muscular body, round-shaped head, distinctive large eyes, and short noses. 

Also, they’re always completely black, without any markings, including a black nose and black paw pads. While many other cat breeds may be black. If you want to learn more, swipe up!