Can Cats Eat Pasta? Wait A Meow-Ment!


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So, can cats eat pasta? – The answer is both yes and no, and we shall soon see why.

Pasta is okay for cats because it contains simple ingredients such as water, eggs, and flour that aren’t harmful for cats.

However, cats cannot benefit from eating pasta! This means it’s not the best choice for them because it is rich in carbs and contains gluten – a well-known allergen.

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Basically, large amounts of pasta are not good for felines, but small quantities from time to time will not hurt them, unless they are allergic to gluten or other pasta ingredients.

Small bites should be fine every once in a while, but if you notice any symptoms, simply stop feeding your furry friend pasta and call your vet for advice.

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Also, make sure your pasta doesn’t contain too much salt either because salt is bad for cats, too.

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You shouldn’t offer your cats raw pasta either. Why? Raw pasta would cause them digestive discomfort.. They simply can’t digest it and they should stay away from it.

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As a yummy alternative for pasta, you can offer your cat some plainly cooked turkey, chicken, pork, lamb, or beef.