here's why your Cat's Not Eating Much But Acting Normal!

The Food Is The Issue

There is a chance your kitty simply doesn’t like the food given to them. It could be you’ve switched to a new type of food or a new food brand. It can even be your cat is bored of eating the same food or the food is spoiled.

Your Kitty Is Experiencing Stress Or Anxiety

Your cat may become emotionally distressed or physically ill, as well as exhibiting problematic behavior when they're under a lot of stress or experiencing frequent anxiety.

It’s Simply Due To Your Cat’s Age

Older cats have significantly slower metabolism than younger cats - they simply don’t need the energy that they once did! This means that senior cats don’t eat as much as younger cats.

Your Cat Might Be Temporarily Nauseous

Your cat’s nausea can manifest in a slight change in appetite, but it can also manifest as drooling, vomiting, and a general feeling of weakness, so be on the look-out for these signs too.

It Might Be An Early Sign Of Dental Problem(s)

If your kitty is experiencing any type of painful dental disease, there is a good chance they might not be eating much, in order to avoid experiencing the pain or discomfort that comes from chewing.

It’s A Symptom Of Other Underlying Health Issues

A common symptom of many medical issues that a cat might experience is loss of appetite, resulting in a cat not eating as much. On the other hand, cats are masters of hiding pain, so a cat might seem “normal” in other ways.

Recent Vaccination Might Be The Cause

So if your little furry friend has recently been vaccinated, the most probable cause of them not eating much is their body’s reaction to the vaccine! Temporary loss of appetite is a very common vaccination side-effect.

I’m sure your feline friend will be perfectly well and healthy in no time! For more information click here: