Cat Breed With No Tail

The Manx Cat + Other Tailless Cats


According to some legends, the Manx cat's tail was cut off while boarding Noah's ark. Some people say this legend refers to the Cymric cat…whichever it is, neither has a tail!

There are 8 other domestic cat breeds that don’t have a tail, let’s see what other similarities they share and how they differ.

The most interesting fact about the Manx is that their hind legs are longer than their front legs.  If you get a Manx cat, you won’t believe how good-natured and laid-back it can be!

The Manx

Pixie Bob has a pear-shaped head and its ears have tufts. They appear super fluffy and resemble wild bobcats. They also love to take naps on their owner’s lap and are highly friendly to other cats.

Japanese Bobtails are great with kids! These cats have muscular bodies and are typically white with colorful spots. Kids love them and they love kids.  Japanese Bobtails are also good with other pets.

The Cymric cat is yet another medium-sized cat with no tail. These cats require daily grooming, but they're quite calm so grooming them is not a problem! Next up is the American Bobtail ->

American Bobtails have some sort of a bobbed tail, but they still belong to this category. Words that best describe these cats are: loyal, obedient, and sweet.

Kurilian Bobtail cat appears small, but is actually medium to large in size, and tends to be quite heavy. These cats are loyal and affectionate, but what's interesting is that they love water.


Mekong Bobtail is a cat that thrives in an active household! These cats love to be around their humans more than anything. Don’t be surprised if your Mekong Bobtail follows you everywhere.

Owyhee Bobcat is a hybrid between the Manx and Siamese cats. This cute cat is energetic and quite sociable. Many owners say these cats have a dog-like demeanor and are friendly to other pets.

Highlander cats seem wild and strong but they are actually really affectionate in nature. These cats get along with almost anyone! Whereas a Toybob is a small cat with a large heart! (next slide)


Toybob’s tail is usually about an inch long and can be bobbed in different directions.  Most importantly, having no tail doesn't bring about any serious health issues to these cute cats.