Cats Static Electricity: 9 Cat-Safe Ways To Get Rid Of It

Anne morgan

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When you pet your cat, you’re touching “the object” that has an imbalance of positive and negative charge; the fur has a build up of static electricity.

Let’s explore the 9 most efficient to reduce static from cat fur!


1. Try Petting Your Kitty With Wet Fingers

Although it’s a short-term solution, it’s an instant fix which some people might find very useful.

2. Go Over Your Cat’s Fur With A Damp Towel

Water is a good solution for reducing static fur, so your cat’s fur has to be somehow in contact with water – in this case, by using a damp towel.

3. Pet Wipes Could Be The Solution

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Pet wipes are a great solution for cleaning cats that hate water. They are ideal for quick clean-ups if, for example, their paws are a little bit muddy.

4. Use A Humidifier In Your Home

It’s best to have a humidifier in the room your cat spends most of their time in, and maybe a few smaller ones in other rooms if possible.

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5. Try an Anti-Static Cat Brush

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Metals hold onto their electrons tightly, so they’re less prone to creating an imbalance of electrons that can lead to a buildup of charge.

6. Try Using An Anti-Static Spray For Cats

Using an anti-static cat spray is simple – all you need to do is spray your cat’s coat lightly, then brush the hair in its natural direction.

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7. Make Sure Your Cat’s Fur Is Healthy And Moisturized

To do this, you need to make sure your cat’s food is healthy and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as they’re extremely beneficial to your cat’s fur, and also to your cat’s skin as well.

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8. Get Rid Of Synthetic Fibers

You might not know this, but clothes and other household items (such as blankets) can be the cause of static cat fur.

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9. Use Natural Fibers (Cotton And Wool) Wherever You Can

Compared to synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester, natural fibers create less static.

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Some of these are short-term solutions, while others are more long-term. The key is finding out what works best for you and your cat!

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