There are a lot of color types of Siamese cats. Among them, we have seal point, blue point, chocolate point, lynx point, flame point, and lilac point Siamese cats.

This beautiful chocolate point color type is actually a very rare genetic variation of the seal point Siamese cat, which is why people cannot tell them apart. 

They have ivory-white coats with light brown markings on the face, paws, ears, and tail. Regarding their personality and behavior, they’re just like other Siamese cats in other colors!

The Appearance Chocolate point Siamese is a cat that has ivory-white fur with warm milk chocolate color points that usually appear on the cat’s face, tail, paws, ears, and slightly on the back.

Siamese cats are characterized by their big blue eyes, pink paw pads, pinkish nose leather, and muscular bodies and may reach a weight of 8-12 pounds and a height of 8-10 inches.

The Origin According to research, Choccie Siamese cats were first discovered in the 1880s. At that time, these chocolate beauties were mistaken for seal points as they’re quite similar.

Chocolate Point Siamese Cat And Seal Point Siamese Cat The colorings of the chocolate and the seal point Siamese cat are very similar, especially during the kitten age.

The main reason for that is because the choice Siamese is a result of a genetic mutation in the seal point Siamese cat.

What these two have in common is their brown color point markings on their heads, tails, paws, and a bit on their backs. However, once you see the difference you cannot unsee it!

A purebred chocolate point Siamese kitten of higher quality may cost between $600 and $1800, or even more if it comes from a champion bloodline.

Other Fun Facts: • They're talkative! • Can get very naughty.  • Siamese = Jealousy. • They're also great family pets.

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