Maine Coons have three primary coat colors: red, black, and white. The rest are varieties of these main colors. When we look at the genes, we see a lot of dilute colors coming from black Maine Coons.

Blue Maine Coons are recognized and registered by both TICA and CFA. The color black in Maine Coons may be diluted to produce not only blue but also brown, cinnamon, fawn, and lilac. 

Blue Maine Coons share the same care needs and personality traits as other Maine Coons; the only difference is the color and pattern of their coats. 

Owning a blue Maine Coon, of course, doesn’t mean that you’ll find cats as blue as the ocean. Instead, the fur of a blue Maine Coon is silvery gray with a visible blue sheen. 

They are often confused with typical gray Maine Coon cats because they can look similar in certain light. However…


In the case of Maine Coon cats, gray and blue are distinct coat colors and the solid blue color is the color that is acceptable in cat shows. 

There are other blue variations and blue-colored patterns in Maine Coon cats. Such as: • solid blue • blue silver • blue silver tabby • blue smoke  • blue silver patched  • blue cream ...

The American Cat Fanciers’ Association recognizes the Maine Coon breed, including the blue color of their coats. Since 1980, the Maine Coon has been recognized by all the major cat registries. 

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Fun Fact: The exceptionally vivid blue coat color is only found in solid Blue Maine Coons.