If you have ever asked yourself why your cat smells terrible? Or why are there different scents present around the house or yard? This is most probably due to your cat’s glands.

Cats will leave their mark on you in the same way they do in their area. You might notice, as well as cat hair, a few smelly spots on your clothes as well. 

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What are scent glands? Cat scent glands are organs that release chemicals called pheromones which serve as message carriers. They are located in different spots on their body and are used to leave a mark.

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The scent is an essential factor in a cat’s life. It gives your cat all the information they need. Cats use their scent as a means of communication. 

The scent your cat leaves behind gives essential information for another cat. Scent glands release pheromones, chemicals that cats use to communicate. 

One cat leaves their scent to mark its territory and if your cat doesn’t want any trouble, then they know not to mess around in certain spots.  

If your cat, however, is a troublemaker, it will definitely go in the direction where the previous cat left their scent! 

Where are all the scent glands on a cat? Scent glands are located throughout your cat’s body, at different spots numbered in the next slide.

Cats have 9 most dominant scent glands: 1. Glands located on cat’s ears (called pinna) 2. Glands on their cheek 3. Temporal: in the temples above eye 4. Glands at their mouth corners (called perioral)

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5. Submandibular: under the jaw 6. Supra-caudal gland: on the base of the tail 7. Glands across the tail (called caudal) 8. Glands located on the sides of cat’s anus (anal) 9. Interdigital: between the toe

Why do cats have scent glands? They have scent glands because they use them to communicate, by leaving their scent where other cats can recognize them.