As a cat owner, you are probably here because you would like to find something to spice up your cat’s diet, some kind of sweet treat perhaps, which leads us to the question: can cats eat dates?

Yes. Cats can eat dates but it is not advisable to include them in your cat’s everyday diet.

Nothing deadly will happen if your cat eats dates. Dates are not toxic for your cat, but you should always choose the healthiest option for your beloved furry friend.

But Should Cats Eat Dates? 

Dates are safe for your cat, but if they are not necessary, cats are better off without them. Cats can, but should not, eat dates.

Do Cats Like The Sweet Taste?

Newsflash! Cats cannot taste sweetness. For most humans, this would be devastating, but for cats it is not, they just have no concept of the taste of sugar.

A cat’s tongue does not have the necessary sweet receptors which could taste it or distinguish it from other tastes. So, if a cat eats a date – it won’t experience the sweetness that we enjoy.

Other Human Foods Cats Can Eat • banana • apple • blueberrie • dried plum • celery • carrot • pumpkin These are all safe alternatives to dates, of course when used properly and in moderation. 

Have in mind that your cat’s diet will probably always be meat-based, as this is how mother nature intended. We don’t want to weaken our feline friend’s immune system. Learn more about it!