Interesting Facts About Full Grown Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat

Most people don’t see it at first, but if you look closely, you can see where the magic happens in the fur of the Maine Coon. When you pet a black smoke Maine Coon and run your fingers through its fur, you can see the colors changing from darker to lighter shades.

Technically the fur is bi-color, with darker colors on top and lighter at the base of the cat’s coat and the skin. You can see the darker undercoat, and their face, paws, ears, and tail look darker than the rest of their body.

The Maine Coon cat breed origin pattern is tabby, but nowadays there are several different coat patterns for the breed, which takes us to the black smoke Maine Coon.

The Maine Coon cat breed began competing in cat shows around the end of the 1800s, as more and more people started recognizing it, and the cat breed is one of the first major cat show winners in the US.

Maine Coons can come in different colors, and smoke Maine Coon cats can have six different smoke pattern color varieties, as follows:

1. Black Smoke Maine Coon

2. Red Smoke Maine Coon

3. Blue Smoke Maine Coon

4. Cream Smoke Maine Coon

5. Tortie Smoke Maine Coon

6. Blue Tortie Smoke Maine Coon

The world’s biggest domestic cat is the Maine Coon cat, including of course the Smoke Maine Coon. A full grown black Smoke Maine Coon cat may weigh up to 35 pounds, which is more than twice the weight of most other domestic cat breeds.

Nobody knows how these cats got to America, but they have been here since colonial times.

While most cats avoid water, the Smoke Maine Coon cat (similar to the Turkish Van) enjoys being around water and playing in it.

The Maine Coon cat breed holds the record for oldest cat in the world, and it held the record for the world’s longest cat.