Here’s How You Can Discipline A Bengal Cat 8 STEPS

Step 1 – Never use aggressive punishment.

Bengal cats are sensitive to sounds, and we advise you not to yell. If you want to use their strong hearing to your advantage, try using clickers.

Step 2 – Correct bad behavior on time

Therefore, if a cat is doing something you consider misbehaving, it is important to correct the “bad behavior” while it is happening, and not later.

Step 3 – Never reward bad behavior

Awarding misbehaving is one of the worst things to do. Your Bengal cat will connect bad behavior with positive reinforcement, and you will never see the end of it.

Step 4 – Buy/Make a scratching post

Scratching for cats is a natural instinctive thing. Cats scratching is not a problem, scratching furniture is a problem. This is why a scratching post is needed.

Step 5 – Make countertops unappealing

This can be completed through the YES/NO dynamic. You need to provide a negative sensation for the countertop while providing some other place for climbing.


Cats hate anything that's sticky, so you can try covering some parts with sticky tape. Or use citrus fruits because cats are repelled by their scent. Also, add other surfaces for your cat to climb.

Step 6 – Understand their litter process

Consult your vet to make sure that there are no health issues influencing your cat’s littering. Plus, always make sure your cat is ok with the litter box location.

Step 7 – Provide toys and regular playtime

Bengal cats need constant stimulation of their predatory nature, which means that you should invest a lot of time and energy in tiring them out.

Step 8 – Provide a territory for your Bengal cat

If you have other pets, make sure that each one feels comfortable in its place. Each cat needs trees, food bowls, litter boxes, etc.

Patience is key to success. So, ensure a fun environment for your Bengal cat, play with it, and try to correct its mistakes on time.

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