How Long Can A Cat Go Without Food? What You Need To Know

Usually, cats can survive without food for one or two weeks, but only if they have water. If they have no water and food, they probably wouldn’t survive longer than 3 days.

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Even though cats have survival instincts, the answer is yes, cats can starve themselves to death, especially if they’re in great pain.

Can Cats Starve Themselves To Death?

What Are The Side Effects Of Starvation In Cats?

Extreme weight loss may lead to complete anorexia which eventually affects the cat’s immune system.

What Should You Do If A Cat Is Starving?

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First things first, it is best if you can take the cat to the veterinarian for a medical check. He should check her over carefully to diagnose any possible health issues, and he may give her an infusion in order to rehydrate her.

What Is The Best Way To Feed A Cat That Is Starving?

The best thing to do is to feed the cat little and often. 

Cats may starve themselves to death unintentionally, so if you find a starving cat, be very careful with it and do your best to help her survive!