How Long Does It Take A Cat To Adjust To New Home? Explained

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If we are talking about a kitten, it will only take a few days, while for grown cats it can take about a week or a bit more.

It is well-known that new environments can cause stress in cats and this is something we certainly don’t want. 

New kittens don’t have a strong sense of territory yet, so changing environments is not a big issue. However, for adult cats that are very territorial, it can be a bigger issue.

Stray cats are completely changing their surroundings and lifestyle, so it is normal that they may take a week or more to adapt compared to their same-aged domestic cat friends.

1. Hiding

6 Signs Your Cat Is Not Happy About The New Surroundings

2. A Brief Personality Change

3. Destructive Behavior

4. Not Eating Properly

5. Excessive Vocalization

6. Avoiding The Litter Box

Fortunately, there are ways to make your cat’s transition period easier and hopefully, quicker.

1. Provide A Box Or A Cat Bed

2. Create A Place Your Cat Will Call Its Own

3. Make The Place As Familiar As Possible

4. Make Sure The Environment Is Something The Cat Will Love – aka: Buy Toys

5. Prevent Hiding Under The… Whatever Your Cat Hides Under

6. Distract The Cat And Give It Your Attention

Is Frequent Moving Bad For A Cat?

YES! Not many people like moving, especially moving frequently.

Consult your vet if you are concerned about your cat’s behavior, and don’t worry, your cat will quickly adjust to its new home completely!