How Much Should A 10 Week Old Kitten Eat? An Owner’s Guide

A 10 week old kitten should eat around four to five times a day. Daily caloric intake should be anywhere from 220 to 320 calories.

A kitten of this age will usually weigh around 2.5 lbs. For this weight, it’s recommended that a growing kitten should have approximately 240 calories per day.

Kittens of larger breeds will need a little bit more food (but not too much more!) than an average kitten. Cat breed does matter.

Wet food is an important part of a kitten’s diet because it provides water to the kitten. Young kittens are not the biggest fans of drinking water, so moisture from canned food actually helps hydrate your kitten.

Dry food is a convenient, calorie-dense cat food option that cats love, and owners love how convenient it is. Make sure you’re giving your cat high-quality dry food made for kittens.

Dry food contains more calories than the same quantity of wet food. For example, you can give your cat 60 grams of dry food and 220 grams of wet food as their daily food intake.

Kittens are fed more frequently than adult cats, so expect to have to feed your kitty more often. Most experts say that 4 times a day is optimal.

Kittens do not need their mother’s milk at 10 weeks old and your kitten was probably already weaned off its mother from eight weeks of age. A kitten does not need any kind of milk replacement.

The right food for kittens will be a mixture of both canned food and dry food, so make sure to provide your kitten with both types of cat food.