How Often Should You Wash Your Indoor Cat?

The type of cat’s coat and coat length: Cats with longer coats will require more regular brushing than short-haired cats.

How often should you wash your indoor cat depends on:

Self-grooming tendencies: whether your cat can’t or won’t groom themselves.

Cat weight Because overweight cats may have trouble reaching all areas of their bodies, they will require more bath time.

Daily activities If your cat often has the zoomies throughout the day, it may need more bathing than a cat who prefers to lounge around.

Whether you have an outdoor or indoor cat Outdoor cats tend to spend more time in nature and due to their environment, they may get dirtier as being exposed to ticks, various parasites, and flea infestation.

Is Frequent Bathing A Good Idea?

The National Cat Groomers Institute of America recommends that your cat only goes through this (not so pleasant) process every four to six weeks.

How To Bathe Your Indoor Cat The Right Way?