You put in the effort to make your cat’s potty location comfortable, and the little rascal does the business in the potting soil. Let's see what can be done...

Try Covering The Soil Of The Potted Plant With 1. Cardboard 2. Stone 3. Aluminum Foil 4. Sticky Tape

Put Natural Cat Repellants On Your Houseplants Such As: 1. Pine Cone 2. Citrus Peel 3. Strong Scents And Spice

Restrict Access To Your Houseplants By: 1. Changing the litter box location 2. Using chicken wire

Use Gadgets Like: 1. Use Cat Repellent Spray 2. Install A Motion Sensor Cat Deterrent 3. Water Sprinkler

Remember that not all cats have the same level of tolerance. Some cats are just not as affected by scents and textures as others. But if you've got this problem, try out different methods. 

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