How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With?

Is It Love ?

Your cat may indeed love you, but it is not love which prevails in their decision on who to sleep with.

Do Cats Change Their Favorite Person?

Yes. Cats sometimes switch from one person to another. It depends on who spends the most time around the cat.

Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me?

Your cat sleeps on you because they trust you. It is an important factor, because cats need to feel safe and secure when they are sleeping.

Cat Bed Or My Bed?

Aside from boxes, cats are going to use cat beds from time to time. No cat is the same, some of them like their privacy more than they like cuddling with their favorite human.

Is It Good To Let Your Cat Sleep With You?

In one word: Absolutely! It is not only good, but advisable to let your cat sleep with you. Veterinarians say it is good for cats, and it might be even better for us.

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