Is Your Cat Snorting? Causes & Solutions For A Snorting Cat

Snorting is a voluntary act that your cat does in order to soothe an irritated nose or throat or scare off any potential threats. Sometimes these snorts are there simply due to your cat’s skull bone structure.

6 Causes Of A Snorting Cat:


1. Irritants In Your Cat’s Nose Or At The Back Of The Throat

2. Your Cat Might Have Chronic Rhinitis

Inflammation of the inner lining of a cat’s nose is called rhinitis.

3. Your Cat Might Have A Case Of Feline URI

One possible reason your cat is snorting is that it’s nose is congested. Your cat might be trying to unblock her nasal passages by snorting.

4. It Could Be Due To Nasopharyngeal Polyps

5. It May Be Due To The Cat’s Breed

Cats with brachycephaly have skull bones that are shorter in length, which makes their faces and noses appear “pushed in”.

6. Scaring Off Other Cats

In these situations, snorting is used as a warning signal. These nonverbal cues are intended to ward off any potential dangers and keep your cat secure.

Cats are able to snort, but it’s not something you’ll see them do very often.