Before you dig into ways of dealing with cat litter smell in your apartment. Let’s first state the ground rule for having an indoor cat. One cat = one litter box + one extra litter box. Got it?

So, how to get rid of cat litter smell in an apartment?  Switch the litter (box)  You should try a different type of litter, or if that doesn't work out, throw the box away and get a new one.

Size does matter... the size of the litter box of course.  If the litter box is the wrong size your cat will not go in it. In order to avoid messiness, avoid small litter boxes. The bigger, the better.

Mix tea leaves with litter. Green tea leaves are great at absorbing odors and they have strong antibacterial properties. You can dry out a couple of leaves, grind them and mix them with the cat litter.

Use deodorizer.  You can find deodorizers at any pet store. Once you start using them do not forget that you still need to clean the litter box. Deodorizers are here to help, but do not overuse them!

Switch cat food. Food change may reduce the intensity of poop smell. Sometimes there are ingredients in cat foods that do not agree with your cat’s digestive tract which can cause foul-smelling poop.

Air purifiers. There are air purifiers that are designed specifically for pet owners, and their air purification methods not only clean pet odors but also reduce pet dander.

Location of the litter box. Sometimes the solution is as simple as this: where you put the problem maker. You should keep the litter box somewhere airy, with good ventilation and airflow.

Clean the litter box! Regularly! And don't forget the scoop. You should always watch out for the remains of poop getting stuck in your scoop, and try to wash it with soap and water at least daily.

Cleaning more often is the best odor control there is; remove the cause of litter box odor, and do it as often as possible.  

So, the key to getting rid of cat litter smell in your apartment is to clean the litter box more often, make a smart choice as to where you put it as well, try air purifiers, deodorizers...

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