Lilac Tortoiseshell Cat – All About These Stunning Kitties

Lilac Tortoiseshell cats are famous for their tortoiseshell pattern of two colors – blue and cream. Their pattern and color combination is very rare and interesting, making them very sought–after by cat lovers.

7. Facts About Lilac Tortoiseshell Cats


1. Lilac Tortoiseshell Is Not A Cat Breed

Lilac tortoiseshell only describes the color and the pattern of a cat’s coat – and nothing more.

2. These Cat Breeds Can Have Lilac Tortie Members

Many different cat breeds can have members that are lilac torties. The tortoiseshell pattern is not so rare, but the combination with the lilac color is rare.

3. Lilac Tortoiseshell Bears No Personality Traits

It is known that a cat’s personality is, apart from environmental factors, largely dependent on the cat breed.

4. Lilac Tortie Cats Are EXTREMELY Rare

Personally, I haven’t seen many torties during my life. They are relatively rare in most cat species, and I have never seen a lilac tortie.

5. (Almost) All Lilac Tortie Cats Are Female

6. You Will Most Probably Never See A Lilac Tortie Male Cat

It is due to two reasons: 🐾 Male torties are extremely rare, only 0.3% of all torties are male cats 🐾 Lilac color in tortoiseshell cats is also very rare

7. Torties Are Folklore Characters

A long time ago in England, it was believed that rubbing a tortoiseshell cat’s tail on a wart would help to heal the skin infection.

Have you ever seen a lilac tortoiseshell cat in person? If you did, or if you’re an owner of one of these beauties – you’re lucky.