I often find my cats sleeping in funny or even strange positions. But, the sweetest thing ever is when they cover their eyes while sleeping. If your cat does the same thing, here’s why!

#1 They’re Warm & Cozy One of the reasons why your cat covers its face while sleeping is to keep itself warm. By covering their face, cats can trap the heat which will then keep them warmer for longer periods of time.

#2 They’re Protecting Themselve The most vulnerable spot on a cat’s body is its face. So, it’s not surprising that it tries to protect this body part while it is sleeping.

#3 They Feel Comfortable The simplest explanation for your cat covering its face while sleeping may be because it feels comfortable sleeping in that position.

#4 They’re Tired Sometimes your cat may fall asleep out of tiredness, for example, in the middle of grooming. As a result, the cat’s paw might end up covering their face, mid-lick!

#5 They’re Blocking The Light If your cat is resting in a sunny spot, it may simply cover its face with paws to block out the direct sunlight so that it can rest more.

#6 They’re Blocking The Noise If your cat feels safe in its environment, it can cover its face with paws to block out the noise because they are annoyed by it.

As you can see, cats sleep in this sweet sleeping position for many reasons. But, if you wish to understand your cat’s behavior better, swipe up and read the whole article.