Many of the most common cat sitting positions are signs that they are relaxed and comfortable. Cats are very flexible and can sit in many different ways, but they always choose comfort above all else.

Cats sit in different positions, however, they are almost all comfortable positions. They always look cute, but let's see what each position means.

1. Sphinx Sitting Position When a cat is sitting and their body is relaxed, its tail is loose on the ground, its mouth is closed, this means that they are happy.

Yellow Dots

2. Cream Bun Pose The perfect cream bun position is when the tail wraps around the paws, surrounding the cat. Your cat is now relaxed. 

3. The Belly Up Position Remember, whenever cats expose their belly to us, they are showing vulnerability and this means they trust us.

4. Loaf Of Bread A cat in this position, with legs tucked away, is not ready to attack, or defend itself from danger. This means that your cat trusts you and believes you will protect them.

5. Cat Sploot Cats enjoy stretching their body, so it is not surprising that they will find a way to stretch and sit at the same time! Your cat's either stretching or cooling down if it sits like this.

6. Human Cat? Cats sometimes sit upright as we do with the back resting on something, their hindlegs spread out in front of them, and their front legs at their sides or in between their back legs.


Your cat’s cute face and exposed belly are the most adorable sight, and there are also a couple of potential meanings behind this sitting position.  


Cats imitate humans. They adapt to our living habits – we are like their favorite TV show! 


Another reason for this position is that they trust us; this human-like sitting position reveals their belly and this is one of the most trusted things a cat can do. 

You might often see cats sleeping in sitting positions, but this is not deep sleep. Cats often nap while sitting down. Swipe up to learn more about this and other cat poses.