My Cat Is Scared Of Something I Can’t See – What To Do?

Cats may be scared of things you cannot see because they’re able to sense certain sounds and vibrations that you can’t. If a cat senses something unfamiliar, it can easily get scared.

Things That Frighten My Cat


Strange Sounds

Cats’ ears are able to detect high-pitched sounds that neither humans nor dogs can hear. However, loud and stressful noises, especially short and sharp ones, may be really stressful for cats.

Unfamiliar Smell

As well as an acute sense of hearing, a cat’s smell is also very good. They can smell odors that we humans cannot.

Unknown Environment

Cats that are used to one environment may easily get scared and uncomfortable when introduced to a new place.

Cats can be great pets for families, however, it’s most likely that they will form a special bond with one person in the household, usually the one who takes care of them the most.

Unknown People


Knowing that cats are sensitive, they may also react to different vibrations, such as earthquakes. However, cats can feel the tiny vibrations that occur before the actual earthquake, while we can’t.

Sudden Movements

Sudden and unexpected movements may frighten your cat. Cats are natural predators in the wild, and while hunting they are extremely focused on their prey.

Other Animals

Cats who are used to being alone may feel disturbed with the introduction of another new pet, especially a new cat.

What Can I Do To Help My Cat If She’s Scared?