This aggressive behavior can really make you feel uncomfortable in your home, and noticing and understanding its causes is important. Very often, your cat’s behavior is caused directly by your actions.

Of course, you should always consult a vet to get their opinion on the situation. With that, let's look up the 7 most common reasons why cats attack exclusively one person.

1. Territorial Aggression This will happen if your cat senses someone or something infringing on its territory. It can also often happen if you decide to bring a new pet cat into your home.

2. Stress Fear and anxiety can severely affect your cat’s mental health, and a stressed cat can often be a dangerous cat.

3. Too Much Cuddling Maybe your cat likes to be petted, but you don’t know where. If you’re petting your cat on the belly, do not be surprised if it attacks you.

4. Redirected Aggression A very common example of this is when your cat sees an outdoor cat through the window. It will get territorial and will want to attack that cat, but it is not able to.

5. Your Cat Wants Attention (Playtime) Try to have daily playtimes with your pet cat. Don't try to cuddle your cat while you do it, since cats will use claws during playtime as well.

6. Your Smell Bothers Your Cat More often than not, you will bring home some smells that you can’t even detect. Those smells may be a nuisance for your pet.

7. Play Aggression Rough play is when animals play with each other in the form of wrestling or fighting. If your cat doesn't have another cat to play with, it may want to engage in rough play with you.

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