1. Nail Trimming /Claw Maintenance

Cats usually scratch to get rid of a built-up protective sheath, which is essentially a husk of dead material that dulls the blade of a claw.

2. Marking Territory 

Cat’s paws contain scent glands, which release pheromones when they scratch. Your cat could be scratching the wall to mark that territory, in case an intruder stops by.

3. Stress 

Changing homes, new pets, new scents, loud noises, and separation can all negatively affect a cat’s mental health.

4. Inter-Cat Conflicts 

Cat’s scratching on the wall can indicate that your cat is engaging in conflict with other cats, even if you don’t notice it.

5. Happiness Or Boredom 

If your cat is feeling happy and comfortable in your home, it may want to play around, which can often lead to scratching.

6. Cat Scratching Walls After Pooping

If your cat is scratching the wall after pooping, it could be looking for a place to hide its excrement.

7. Cat Scratching Walls After Eating

It might be a habit, or your cat getting rid of excess energy. Since scratching is a comfortable and playful activity, your cat might just go and dig into a wall!

8. Cat Scratching Walls After Using Litter Box 

Your cat may not feel comfortable while littering in the litterbox and will scratch the nearby wall as a result.

9. Scratching Reflective Surfaces 

If they see another cat in the same room as them (in the mirror), they'll want to check it out. Which often results in scratching walls, mirrors, floors, etc.

10. Mice In The Walls 

If the wall scratching is accompanied by meowing, it is likely your cat is trying to flush out the intruders, while also alarming you of their presence.

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