Savannah Maine Coon Mix - Can This Majestic Combo Be Real?

Jeffery Davis

The Savannah Maine Coon mix is a fairly new breed. It is a hybrid of two extraordinarily beautiful cat breeds; they both have beautiful colors and patterns, long lifespans, and they can have long hair or short hair.

Savannah and Maine Coon cats love to cuddle! They are loyal, docile, smart, and extremely beautiful. Let’s look at them in more detail and find out more about what we can expect from their offspring.

Savannah Maine Coon hybrids are rather pricey, mostly because of their extraordinary appearance. They look like majestic, high-quality cats; their fur simply looks so extraordinary and luxurious.

The Maine Coon is much older than the Savannah cat, which is a relatively recent pedigree. In the past few decades, both these cat breeds have gained in popularity.

If you were to choose a pet between these two cat breeds, it would come down to your personal preferences and your lifestyle.

The Maine Coon cat breed is distinguished by its fluffy coat, ear tufts, and rounded fluffy tail. This breed is considered a natural, pure breed, whereas a Savannah cat is a hybrid.

The beautiful and interesting-looking Savannah cat is a unique domestic cat indeed. Savannah cats are a big, energetic breed that tend to be very loving with their owners but they can be wary of strangers.

Maine Coon cats are as friendly as they are big, and they’re certainly big! These cats love to play and they love to get all the attention they can from their owners.

The Maine Coon typically weighs from 8-18 lbs and has a broad chest and robust legs. These large felines often appear even larger due to their thick coats.

Male Savannah cats can weigh up to 25 lbs, while female Savannahs can weigh as little as 12 lbs. Their size is entirely determined by how many generations distant they are from their wild Serval origins.

Maine Coon Savannah Cat Mix cats definitely inherit their physical characteristics from their pedigree breed cat parents, including long-haired and multilayered fur and big, fuzzy paws.

Both of these breeds are known to exhibit dog-like behavior. They build a deep attachment with their humans while they are still kittens.

Both these breeds have been accepted and recognized by TICA, so we can only assume that this new Savannah Maine Coon mix will one day be accepted as well.