The Sokoke Cat: Interesting Facts About This Unique Breed!

This breed of cat is very rare, unique, and expensive. Besides being one of the rarest cat breeds, these cats are very intelligent and friendly, with a beautiful body and fur color.

Moreover, their personality is similar to a dog’s, therefore they are able to learn tricks, and they become very attached to their owners. That’s exactly why a Sokoke cat can be a man’s best cat friend.

A Sokoke cat is a unique and rare cat that originated from Kenya. It’s also known as the African Shorthair cat, Sokoke Forest cat, or Kadzonzo/Khadzonzo.

Sokoke cats have a dog-like personality, and while they can be sweet, cuddly, and lovely, they prefer plenty of play, running, jumping, following you around and generally being active.

The Sokoke cat was discovered accidentally in the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and that’s how the breed got its name. A litter of Sokoke kittens was found in a coconut plantation, by horse breeder and wildlife artist Jeni Slater.

They’re characterized by their long, slim body and long legs. They have nice musculature, and male cats are usually somewhat larger than females.

Sokoke cats are usually very healthy cats, and luckily no genetic diseases have been detected in this breed.

As they have a thin coat and minimal undercoat, Sokoke cats are more comfortable in the hotter climates than in cold ones.

Without proper training, your cat may continue being overly energetic, destroying your furniture or other things around the house. That’s why it’s important to redirect their attention.