There are many reasons why cats choose a certain person to sleep with or to sleep on. Cats choose the people who they trust the most, those to whom they feel connected.

They even leave their mark on you so any other cats will know that you are their person. Let’s examine the most common explanations for how cats choose who to sleep with. I'm sure you'll relate.

Is It Love?

Your cat may love you, but it is not love which prevails in their decision on who to sleep with. There are many reasons why cats choose who they choose, one of them being the way you sleep.

If you are calm during your sleep, if you do not move around or snore, your cat will most likely choose you because they want to rest as well.

If you are tossing and turning or making any noise, your cat will probably not come and sleep with you. It’s pretty clear. 

How do cats choose their favorite person? 

You need to pet your cat often. Shower your cat with love, and it will most likely reciprocate. As my dad says:  She’s always petting that cat, that’s why he loves her.  The man answered your question.

Do Cats Sleep Only With Their Favorite Person? 

You can be your cat’s all-time favorite human, but that does not mean you will have them as a sleeping partner every night.

Cats usually have one main favorite human, but this does not mean that they will always sleep with them, and only them. The answer to this question comes down to coziness and comfort.

Cats need to be comfortable when they go to sleep. If your bed is small, they feel tight or there aren’t enough warm covers, your cat may choose some other spot. 

Another reason your cat might choose someone else to dream sweet dreams with could be your sleeping schedule. 

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