If your cat starts scratching the floor before drinking water, worry not, there’s no reason for concern. But, keep reading to find out the reasons behind this behavior!

#1 Marking The Territory

If your cat scratches the floor around the water bowl, it’s a clear sign: “This is MINE!“ This behavior is very common in multi-cat households.

#2 Instinct

Pawing and scratching the floor near the water bowl is their instinct manifesting.By doing that, your cat is mimicking removing whatever’s getting in the way of satisfying its thirst.

#3 The Water Is Bad

Your cat may scratch the floor around the water bowl because the water isn’t fresh or it’s dirty.

#4 Food Bowl Is Next To The Water Bowl

The smell of food is much more appealing than water. So, your cat may display dissatisfaction by scratching the floor when it needs to drink water.

#5 A New Water Bowl

If you’ve bought a new water bowl then scratching the floor can be your cat’s way of saying: “I disapprove.“

#6 Compulsive Behavior

The act of scratching the floor doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the water, it could be a display of OCD.

#7 Whisker Fatigue

If your cat’s whiskers rub against the edges of the bowl while drinking water, it may cause irritation and lead them to scratch the floor meaning the cat isn’t pleased.

#8 Your Cat Is Afraid Of Water

Another sign of your cat scratching the floor before drinking water, is maybe to release some tension or to delay making contact with the water.

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