What’s A Cat’s Favorite Color? Do Cats Even See Colors?

You might already know that cats don’t see colors the same way we humans do. They don’t see all the colors we do, and their world is a bit duller when it comes to seeing colors.

The range of colors cats can see is really narrow – it is mostly composed of four colors – blue, green, yellow, and gray.

Can We Really Know What A Cat’s Favorite Color Is?

We cannot really know what a cat’s favorite color is. We cannot ask them, nor can they answer us.

The answer that blue is most likely their favorite color stems from a view that it’s the only color that they see similarly to how humans see it.

Are Cats Colorblind?

It is more correct to say that cats see similarly to a human with red-green color-blindness. That means they do not have the ability to recognize the color red or green.

You might be wondering, How come seeing all colors is not important for cats? There are a few reasons:


1. Night Vision Is A Huge Advantage

Cats having more rods than cones is an evolutionary advantage. Why? Because the higher number of rods means better night vision.

2. Detecting Movement Is More Important Than Detecting Colors

What’s a cat’s favorite color?


I’m sorry – I had to make this joke. I waited for months to use this cat joke, and this article is the perfect opportunity to do so!