Why Do Cats Carry Toys And Meow? All You Need To Know!

Why Do Cats Carry Toys And Meow? 7 Possible Reasons


1. Your Cat Wants Playtime

Cats require a lot of playtime, some more than others. However, all cats need some exercise, entertainment, and something to interest them for a while, every single day.


Your Cat Wants To Teach You To Hunt

Mother cats bring prey to their kittens, and in the same way, your cat brings toys to you to prepare you for a real hunt. This is your cat’s way to show affection as well.

3. Your Cat Is Expressing Emotions

Your cat bringing you a toy and meowing means that they trust you and you should respond with love. Maybe scratch or pet your cat, and talk sweet to it.

Our pet cats will catch a stuffed toy and parade it around the house, which can be pretty hilarious and very cute.

4. Your Cat Is Showing Off Their Catch

A lot of female cats will meow while carrying toys around the house, and even hide their toys in a safe place. 

5. Your Cat Is Displaying Motherly Instincts


Your Cat Is Showing A Broken Toy

Your cat might be showing you a broken or worn-out toy that they can no longer play with in the same way.

7. Your Cat Wants Your Attention

Your cat will usually carry a toy, e.g. a stuffed mouse toy, in its mouth and meow or yowl, and purr, in order to get your attention.

A cat’s play time is connected with their natural instincts, so it is normal that they will sometimes practice hunting their toys, especially indoor cats who like to turn playtime into a hunt for that wind up toy or the red dot of a laser pointer.