When you think about it, cats really are fascinating creatures. There are many odd behaviors they exhibit and blanket-licking is just one of them.

The reason behind it is most likely harmless, but there are rare instances where it can mean something isn’t quite right. Swipe left to learn more about this behavior.

Is It Normal If Cats Lick Blankets? An answer to this depends on the frequency of the blanket-licking.

Observe if your cat is licking the blanket: • on occasion/ very rarely • often • very often, for a considerable amount of time daily If your cat does it very often, consult your vet.

6 Tips For Preventing This Behavior   Swipe, swipe, swipe

1. Create A Stress-Free Zone 2. Reward Good Behavior 3. Find A Better Alternative To Blanket 4. Get Some Toy 5. Make The Blanket Unappealing For Your Cat 6. Go To The Vet’s Office

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