Imprinting occurs in the earliest phase of an infant’s life. We normally associate it with baby birds, but cats also feel love and are capable of forming strong bonds with their owners.

When cats imprint, they choose their favorite human and spend most of their time giving them full attention and love. Now let's see what are the signs by which you can tell your cat is imprinted on you.

1. Your Cat Follows You Everywhere 

If you have noticed your cat following you to the kitchen, bedroom, or even the bathroom, there is a great chance that you are their favorite person.

2. Your Cat Treats You Like A Cat 

Cats groom each other when they have a strong connection. So, when a cat starts licking you and grooming you, it means that they have accepted you as its family.

3. Your Cat is Kneading 

Kittens knead on their mothers so that milk can be released, but adult cats use kneading as a means of getting closer to their owners.

4. Your Cat Has A Question Mark Tail 

If a cat’s tail takes the shape of a question mark, your feline friend is in a playful mood. They are happy to see you and want to encourage you to play with them.

5. Your Cat is Purring

Apart from being really cute, a cat’s purring is one of the main signs it has imprinted on you. Cat's purrs are, undoubtedly, a sign that it feels happy and safe around you.

6. Your Cat Loves Cuddling 

Cats certainly won't cuddle with a person they don't like. So, if your cat willingly comes to cuddle you, you can know for sure that it has imprinted on you.

Cats can imprint on more than one person, and they might show some sign of love to other family members also.