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11 Foolproof Signs Your Cat Has Imprinted On You

11 Foolproof Signs Your Cat Has Imprinted On You

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Have you ever noticed how cats tend to have that one person they like the most and always go to first?

The funny thing is that they often favor that one person who didn’t want them in the first place. It is like they know and make it their mission to change their minds and win them over!

Imprinting is a simple way of learning in many animal species. It occurs in the earliest phase of an infant’s life. We normally associate it with baby birds, especially ducklings. Ducklings are well known for imprinting on the first adult animal they see.

Cats can also feel love and are capable of forming a strong relationship with their owners, and this is known as imprinting.

When cats imprint, they choose their favorite human and spend most of their time giving their full attention and love to them.

Are you wondering if your cat has imprinted on you? Or why do cats imprint on someone? Then you are in the right place because this article will provide you with a list of 11 foolproof signs your cat has imprinted on you!

Signs Your Cat Has Imprinted On You

No two cats are the same. They all have distinct personalities and they all love or hate different things.

What one cat might love, the other one might hate. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they also show love in their own special ways.

However, there are some signs that most cats show and that can clearly tell you that your cat loves you:

1. Your Cat Follows You Everywhere

One of the best signs that a cat has imprinted on you is when it follows you around everywhere! No matter where you try to go, your cat will want to be near you.

If you have noticed that your cat is following you to the kitchen, bedroom, and even into the bathroom, there is a great chance that you are your cat’s favorite person.

Kittens usually follow their mothers around because foremost they want to learn how to behave from them, but also because they feel secure and protected in her presence.

Your kittens might follow you around because they feel safe when they are around you. This behavior may continue even when your kitten has grown up because by then your furry friend has made a deep connection with you.

They just want to be around you, to show you that they love you; in your cats mind this is the best way of showing you their affection.

2. Your Cat Rubs Against You

Cats love to show their love by rubbing against you. They may rub you with their whole body or just their heads (forehead, cheeks, or chins) rubbing against your legs.

Rubbing or headbutting in a cat’s world are signs of marking territory, greeting, adoration and acceptance.

If they greet you with headbutts, it means that they are so happy to see you, especially if you have been away for a long time.

Also, when a cat rubs against you, it is marking you as their territory. When they rub, they leave their scent and pheromones (chemicals released from special glands on their body) on you, this their way of claiming you and acts as a signal to other cats that you are theirs.

As their scent does not last long on you, they will try to put it there time and time again, which is why they will rub against you every time they see you.

3. Your Cat Treats You Like A Cat

In the world of cats, grooming is another of the signs of love, and affection.

Cats groom each other when they have developed a strong connection between them. Kittens are usually groomed by their mothers as a sign of love and caring.

When a cat starts licking you and grooming you in the same way they do to themselves, it means that they have accepted you as their family and you are one of their favorite people.

You might be weirded out by your cat trying to groom you at first, but just remember that they are trying to show you that they love you in their own little way.

4. Your Cat Slow Blinks

You may have noticed that sometimes your cat looks at you lovingly and then blinks really slowly. This is considered by some people to be a cat’s way of saying ‘I love you’ to you.

Slow blinks are a clear sign of a cat’s bond with you; it proves that they feel confident and loved in your company.

You can also try to mimic this by slow blinking, and your cat may just understand what you mean.

5. Your Cat Shows Its Belly

Most cats are very sensitive and protective of their belly. They usually don’t like to be touched there and if you try, they will probably defend themselves by attacking you.

So, when cats are lying on their back or rolling in front of you and exposing their belly, it means that they feel safe and comfortable around you.

This means they are not worried about being attacked, and are comfortable enough to expose one of their most vulnerable body parts to you.

It can also be an invitation for you to play with them…

6. Your Cat is Kneading

Kneading is the rhythmic action of pushing the front paws in and out against different kinds of surfaces.

Kittens knead on their mothers so that milk can be released, but adult cats use kneading as a means of getting closer to their owners.

Kneading is also known as “making biscuits” in the internet community because the action of a cat’s kneading reminds people of the way humans knead dough when they are preparing cookies for baking.

This is a cat’s instinctive reaction, and they might also try to perform the kneading action on your skin, so beware of those claws!

This is a strong sign of imprinting and shows that your cat is happy, and feels comfortable and relaxed around you.

7. Your Cat Has A Question Mark Tail

A cat can also express feelings and moods through its tail. The position of a cat’s tail can mean different things.

For example, if a cat’s tail takes the shape of a question mark, your feline friend is in a playful mood. They are happy to see you and want to encourage you to play with them.

This is also a clear sign of affection because cats will play only with people that they really like and trust.

8. Your Cat Chirps

Felines communicate mostly through meowing and body language. Chirping is also one of their ways to communicate their feelings. Not all cats chirp but it can be an indicator of affection.

Chirping is a quick, continuous, and quiet bird-like sound that cats make to express affection and happiness. They can also use it to attract your attention and as a way of greeting.

9. Your Cat is Purring

I am sure that all cat owners love the sound of a cat purring. Apart from being really cute, a cat’s purring is one of the tell-tale signs your cat has imprinted on you.

Kittens learn to purr very early on when they are around 2-3 days old, this is thought to be a tactic to reassure their mother cat that they are safe. So, if a cat purrs around you, it is likely because they feel safe.

By doing this, the cat shows you affection and their love.

Undoubtedly, the cat’s purrs are the most reassuring sign that the cat feels calm, content, and safe in your presence.

A cat’s purrs are also said to have a positive impact on human health too; it is believed to lower stress and blood pressure and help people cope with illness.

10. Your Cat Gives You Love Bites

Many cat owners might be confused as to why, all of a sudden, their cat is biting them when just a second ago they were cuddling and happily purring.

These small bites are often called love bites. The cat has no intention of hurting you but rather this action expresses their love and affection.

11. Your Cat Loves Cuddling

Cats certainly won’t cuddle with a person they don’t like.

So, if a cat is willingly coming to cuddle you, this is a sure sign that your feline friend has imprinted on you, and you just might be their favorite human.

Can Cats Imprint On Humans?

Yes, cats can imprint on humans.

All cats have different personalities, just like humans, so of course they seek out a person that is best suited to them.

You can be good at playing with them, at cuddling, or giving them food or treats. For whatever reason, there is something that your cat loves about you.

A cat makes a strong bond with the person they love the most. Bear in mind that earning a cat’s trust is not easy, so if a cat chooses you over others, it means that you are truly their favorite human.

Is It Normal For Cats To Imprint On Humans?

It is completely normal for a cat to imprint on humans. If you show them love and spoil them, they will most likely form a strong bond with you.

Some cat breeds are more likely to make a deeper connection with humans than other breeds. For example, Siamese cats are known as a breed of cats that love human attention, they hate to be alone and are quite clingy.

Also, rescue cats are more likely to imprint on their caregivers; once they come to trust you, they are grateful for being saved and appreciate your attention.

They might also suffer from separation anxiety, because they are scared that they will once again be left alone.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Imprints On You?

Some of you must be wondering why do cats imprint on people?

Imprinting is how cats show that they are attached to you, love you, and feel safe and protected around you .

Some pet owners see cats as independent animals that are not as friendly as dogs, but if you own a cat, you will know that is not quite true.

Sure, dogs are sometimes more friendly, but cats can also be pets that love to play, snuggle, and develop a strong bond with their owners.

What Should You Do If You Think Your Cat Has Imprinted On You?

If you notice that your cat has imprinted on you, you should, of course, try to reciprocate the feelings.

Carefully observe the cat’s body language and the cat’s behavior and if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, that means that your cat has certainly imprinted on you.

Try to show your cat that you love her too. Make sure that you have time at least a couple of minutes a day for cuddling and enjoying playtime together.

Can Cats Imprint On More Than One Person?

Cats can imprint on more than one person, and they might show some sign of love to other family members also.

However, it is more common for cats to imprint on just one person with whom they have a special connection.

What Are Some Things You Can Do To Make Your Cat Like You More?

Handsome Young Man Cuddling his Gray Cat

Cats are very mysterious creatures, and sometimes they will do unexpected things.

You may be thinking that your cat doesn’t like you because when you tried to pet it, it went away.

However, the truth is that the problem might be in you and not your cat. The important thing with cats is to learn their personality and what they like or don’t like.

The sooner you do this, the easier it will be to make your cat like you and develop a strong bond with you.

Anyhow, I have found some helpful tips and tricks that you can use to make your cat like you more.

• Be careful of your body language – sometimes your body language can intimidate a cat and make it run away in fear, so it is important to make a cat feel comfortable and safe.

• Get to know the cat’s personality – learning what your cat loves and hates may help a lot in gaining your cat’s trust.

• Find time to play – cats are active animals, so they love a little playtime, and if you play with them regularly they will certainly love you more.

• Be careful with approaching the cat – cats love their personal space so no matter how much you would like just to snuggle them, sometimes it is best to let the cat approach you first.

• Cool and positive approach – cats prefer people that are cool and collected and that have a positive approach so that they associate good things with you.

• Give out treats – cats are crazy about food, so if you are the one who provides them with regular treats, they will learn to love you even more (just be careful to not give them too much!)

Final Thoughts

If you didn’t know before, I am sure that now you know that cats are indeed capable of forming deep connections with humans and giving them unconditional love.

Some clear signs your cat has imprinted on you include your cat following your every step, giving you lots of headbutts, cuddles, and looking at you with those slow blinks.

Your cat might also treat you like you are one of them, such as licking and grooming you like mother cats do to their kittens.

Body language such as showing their belly, raising their tail, kneading, cuddling, and purring are also certain signs of love.

They might also vocalize their emotions through meowing and chirping, and even give you little nibbles as a sign of love.

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