Solving The Mystery Of A Beluga Cat Breed

You must have seen this meme somewhere, it is a picture of a smiling cat, and people have started calling the cat the polite cat. As the polite cat is the face of the channel called Beluga – the cat has become known as the Beluga cat.

Is Beluga cat even real?

The answer is a Yes and a No. The cat in the photo is someone’s cat in real life. That person took a photo of their cat, photoshopped a smile and put it on the internet.

The Beluga Cat Breed Is…

It is most likely to be a domestic short-hair cat. This type of cat is also called a house cat (or a moggy in the UK).

Beluga is the name of a very popular YouTube Channel and also the name of the main character in all of the videos.

There is no Beluga cat in real life. It is simply a cat whose photo was taken and the photoshopped photo started trending as the polite cat meme.

The “owner” of the Beluga cat is the owner of the YouTube channel named Beluga. To be more precise, we now know the name of the youtuber running this channel; Aretz.

Is Beluga Cat Still Alive?

I guess the answer is: the Beluga cat will be alive as long as the Beluga YouTube account is alive…

Beluga is just the name of a popular YouTube channel. How the owner of the channel came up with it is unknown.