Black cats are said by some to be omens, carriers of fortune, fertility, blessings, good luck, and success! Others believe the opposite to be true; that black cats represent bad fortune!

The world has a love-hate relationship with black cats, but it’s time to stop believing in discriminatory myths and superstitions about black cats. 

What's A Black Cat's Spiritual Meaning? As you can probably guess, black cats were considered bad in my surroundings. Many people believed that black cats brought misfortune.

What Does A Black Cat Symbolize? There are positive and negative meanings...

Black Cats & Positive Meanings: • Wealth • Good fortune • Prosperity • Worthy of worship • A sign of future income • Fertility • Home protector

Black Cats & Negative Meanings: • Poverty • Bad luck • Hardship • Death • Witches in disguise • Warning sign • Blamed for plague

See? Even these meanings are contradictory: they bring both fortune and wealth, but also bad luck and poverty. Which one is it? 

People in the USA, Japan, Ireland, the UK, and many other parts of Europe believe that when a black cat crosses your path it is a sign of good fortune! 

On the other hand, in India, if a black cat crosses the highway, people will immediately stop and park their cars!

It is time to move past the folk stories and not discriminate against black cats because of their fur color. The only difference between a black cat and, let's say, a calico, is their fur color.

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