Black Smoke Cat – This Is What You NEED To Know

A black smoke cat is not a specific breed of cat; it is any cat with a coat that is completely black on the surface, with a white undercoat.

Examples of cat breeds known to have members with this black smoke coat effect are:

Maine Coon

Persian Cat

Egyptian Mau

Siberian Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

Turkish Angora

How Long Does It Take For The Smoke Effect To Be Observed?

Smoke kittens do not display this smoke effect immediately after birth. It actually takes months for the undercoat to develop, and only then you can see if the cat is smoked or not.

The only thing smoked cats have in common is their coat coloration pattern – white hair shaft with colored tips!

Smoked cats are extremely valuable for breeders because they are very rare, and because of that, they are also very expensive (especially if they’re purebred).