Male Cats Mating With Other Male Cats - Is This Even Pawsible?

No, they cannot. However, male cats will attempt to mount or hump other males. Male cats, especially those who have been neutered, may do this.

Higher interaction between male cats can lead to increased inter-male aggressiveness, particularly when individuals share a living area.

This intermale or sexual aggression, which is regulated by testosterone, can be violent and can dominate the sexual activity.

It’s considered normal for male cats to hump female cats , but they may also try to hump other male cats , which is considered an act of dominance.

Many registered cat breeders suggest or even require that their buyers neuter/spay their kittens when they are the appropriate age. The optimal time to neuter/spay your kitten is when they’re eight months of age.

Cats’ sexual behavior is very different from human sexual and emotional behavior. Cats don’t exhibit the whole spectrum of emotions that people do, so we do not know exactly what they are feeling.