Cat Poop Half Firm Half Soft: 5 Reasons And How To Help

If your cat has unusual poop, they may also be showing some signs of a stomach ache and you are probably concerned for your cat’s overall health and want to help them in any way you can.

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5 Reasons: Cat Poop Half Firm Half Soft:

Cat’s poo depends a lot on the food they are being fed. You should check if your cat’s dietary habits are causing them digestive issues.

1. Cat’s Diet

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You are always required to give your cat fresh food. No matter whether you give them home-cooked meals or you buy everything, it has to be fresh.

2. New Food

Intestinal parasites are an issue for cats. Parasites can come from infested water. Cats drink water from many places outside.

3. Intestinal Parasites

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Gastrointestinal inflammation or inflammatory bowel disease is a condition in which your cat’s digestive tract becomes extremely inflamed and irritated.

4. Gastrointestinal Inflammation

If your cat has experienced any kind of stress, cat poop half firm half soft is not that unusual.

5. Stress

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In order to avoid any health issues, always contact a veterinarian for any concerns and take your cat for frequent checkups.