Cat Sideways Walk: 7 Reasons For This Funny Cat Behavior

The reason for a cat walking sideways can simply be your cat being playful, but it can also be that your cat was suddenly scared or has noticed a potential threat nearby.

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Your Cat Is Just Being Playful


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Usually, when your cat jumps sideways, it’s because something surprised them suddenly and unexpectedly.

Your Cat Was Startled


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Your Cat Is Facing A Threat


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Your Cat Is Scared Of Something


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It’s The Zoomies On Full Display

Another possible answer to Why do cats run sideways is that they simply have a case of the zoomies!


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It’s Your Cats Way Of Saying “Hey, Hey – Look At Me”


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Your Cat Is Angry

If your cat is hissing while running sideways, step back and give your cat some room.


So pet owners – there is absolutely no need to be worried about your cat walking sideways. Just enjoy your kitty and their quirky personality!