The state of a cat’s teeth can show you approximately how old your cat is and whether she might have some health issues. This is mainly why you should know the exact age of your cat.

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Many people are not sure about their cat's age. Perhaps they rescued their cat, adopted it from a shelter, etc. However, we can determine the age by analyzing its teeth age chart.

Let’s look up the cat teeth age chart and see the dental situation for your kitten’s developmental stages. • 0 – 2 weeks of age = no teeth at all

3 – 4 weeks = The first teeth that appear are the incisor 5 – 8 weeks = Kittens have all their baby teeth 12 weeks = Kittens start to lose their baby teeth

3 – 4 months of age = Cats start growing permanent teeth 6–7 months = Cats should have all permanent teeth 1-year-old = Cats’ teeth should be clean and white

1 – 2 years = Some cats gain tartar on their back teeth 3 – 5 years = Most have tartar on all of their teeth 5 – 10 years = Many cats have tooth disease 10 – 15 years = Many are missing one (or more)

How Many Teeth Does a Cat Have?

Cats have 26 baby teeth in total. After these teeth fall out, cats gain permanent teeth. Adult cats usually have 30 permanent teeth.

Until they are around 4 weeks old, they drink only milk from the mother cat, and by the time they are 8 weeks old, cats have all 26 baby teeth.

How to know if your cat has all of her permanent teeth?  

Well, if the teething process is done, your cat friend should have 30 permanent teeth in total: • 12 incisor • 4 canine • 10 premolar • 4 molar

To provide a long, healthy life for a cat, it is crucial to be aware of its age. This way, you'll know which food it needs, how often to visit the vet, and so on. Call your vet if you're ever unsure!