Cat With Laser Eyes: Why Your Cat’s Eyes Glow In The Dark?

Cat’s eyes can glow in green, red, blue, or yellow. They can also glow in two different colors; a cat’s eye color can actually be different in each eye.

Cats’ eyes glow due to eye cells that reflect light. Cats, dogs, deer, and some other animals have these cells which are officially called tapetum lucidum.

Cat’s Eye Glowing Colors:

Green Glowing Cat Eyes

This is the most common color when it comes to how a cat’s eyes glow in the dark. This is because the most common cat eye color is green.

Yellow Glowing Cat Eyes

Cats that have blue eyes, e.g. Siamese cats, usually have yellow glowing eyes or eyes that glow in golden shades. This is natural and there is no need to worry.

Red Glowing Cat Eyes

When it’s dark and a cat’s eyes glow in red color, it is most usually a sign that the tapetum lucidum is failing. This commonly happens to old cats because the cat’s eyes are slowly degrading as they get older.

Blue Glowing Cat Eyes

When cats have blue eyes which also glow in blue color, this is quite a normal occurrence, but when a cat is white with blue eyes, it might mean that they are prone to early blindness.

Cat Eyes Glowing In Two Colors

A cat’s eyes glowing in two different colors is normal if the cat also has two different colored eyes.

A cat’s eyes should be glowing whenever it is dark, or whenever a cat is exposed to lower light conditions. If a cat’s eyes aren’t glowing, it might mean that they can’t see very well either.