Does Cat Hair Grow Back? When It Does & When It Doesn’t

Iram Sharma

Whether the cat’s hair will grow back or not depends on the cause of the hair loss(was it a hair clipper, or disease?).

However,most of the time, cat hair does grow back! It may take up to 3 months for short-haired cat breeds and up to 6 months for long-haired cat breeds, but the hair will usually return.

The key to hair regrowth is addressing the infection or condition that caused the problem as soon as possible and using the proper medication or treatment. Unless it is the result of a haircut, in which case, you just have to wait!

Until the underlying reason for hair loss is addressed, the hair won’t grow back. Your pet’s fur will begin to regrow faster and more effectively the sooner you start treating the problem!

For long-haired cats, the time it takes for the hair to reach its full length ranges from 4 to 6 months.

For short-haired cats, you can anticipate your cat’s hair to regrow from a matter of weeks to 3 months.

All cat owners want their cat’s fur to be healthy, shiny and… full length! However, some cats might experience hair loss, or their fur may have had to be shaved off.